StrongEscrow operates as a third party of bitcoin and altcoins escrow and provides a service to protect products or services purchases when you using cryptocurrency as payment method.

Escrow is a service that provides third party protection for transactions between seller and buyer when the third party holds the funds until the transaction is completed and the buyer approves it. Our escrow service provides protection to customers who use bitcoin or altcoins to make purchases of products or services.

Because when you make a bitcoin payment for a product or service you have no protection in case the seller has not delivered your order. StrongEscrow gives you the best protection for your bitcoin or altcoins payments. Our escrow service is run by a professional team with extensive experience in handling these types of transactions.

Open an account / Sign in to your account at strongescrow, deposit the relevant amount into your account through the "deposit" section and go to the "manage escrow" area and then to "create new escrow" type the seller's user name with which you want to make the transaction and then the details of the transaction and create the new escrow transaction.

After 3 confirmations of the transaction, your wallet balance will be updated.

Log in to your account by using your user name and password, go to the manage escrow area in the menu and click on "my escrow list" to see all the transactions that have been opened and their status.

Our service fee is 3%

The deposits and withdrawals to / from StrongEscrow are secured by the 256 Bit SSL Certificate and therefore the security complies with the international web security standards.

The product / service must be provided immediately after the buyer opens the escrow transaction (according to the specified shipping times).

In the "my escrow list" tab click on "view transaction" next to the relevant escrow transaction and then click on a red button called "open dispute" and fill in the case details.

A new dispute can be opened if there is a problem with the product / service that you received. the money will be kept in escrow until both parties resolve the dispute case.

The seller has a duty to prove that the product / service was shipped and received by the buyer, this can be done by showing the certificate from the shipping company that the product was successfully delivered to the buyer. In addition, we will check that the product sent to the buyer is indeed the product that the buyer has ordered and is working properly.

If the buyer / seller has opened a new dispute case we will contact both parties to get proof of their arguments, we will wait up to 72 hours from the time we contacted both parties to get their arguments and then we will look at things and decide what further action is needed in this case. In any case, the money will be held in escrow until the dispute event closes and we recommend that both parties (seller and the buyer) close the case between them without our intervention.