08 Dec

Top Five Bitcoin Mining Machines Before Halving

Looking for the five best executing Bitcoin mining equipment with quickest payback and biggest success, four Bitmain’s and one Canaan’s model are in the very best, research by Beijing-based token data and ranking company TokenInsight showed.

May 2020 Bitcoin (BTC) mining incentive halving happens to be one of the most crucial topics in the Cryptoworld. We’ve talked about previously what the near future keeps for BTC miners, and today we check out the best equipment for miners to use on the way towards this major event.

In their record, released this week, TokenInsight compared mining hardware, taking the halving into consideration, and demonstrated best models according to, among other activities, their annualized results on investment (ROI), static payback cycles, and the mining machine shut-down price (operating cost of the mining machine per day/the quantity of mined coins of this machine each day).

This is exactly what they got.
1. Bitmain’s Antminer T17+

T17+ gets the shortest payback amount of 230 times, and it is the only high power efficiency model in a position to repay its purchasing cost of USD 1,602 within a 12 months, given electricity cost of USD 0.05/kwh, BTC price of USD 9,267.56 and mining difficulty of 12.72T. Its shutdown BTC price is USD 3,043.81, while annualized ROI is 117.20%.
2. Bitmain's Antminer T17e

T17e can repay its purchasing price in 234 times under the above-described conditions, slightly higher that T17+, though its price is c. USD 340 lower. Shutdown price of the model is USD 3,348.19 and ROI 114.17%.
3. Canaan’s AvalonMiner 1146

1146 is also estimated to truly have a less-than-a-year payback: 275 times for a cost of USD 1,352. They have a shutdown price of USD 3,469.94 and annualized ROI of 108.74%.
4. Bitmain's Antminer T17

The least expensive on the list, coming in at USD 951, T17 will demand 284 times to repay that cost. Shutdown BTC price is USD 3,348.19, while ROI is 108.43%.
5. Bitmain’s Antminer S17e

S17e will need over a yr to repay its purchasing cost - 394 times. It’s also the priciest on the list (USD 2,083). Its shutdown BTC price is USD 2,739.43 and annualized ROI 96.87%.
Additional findings from the paper include:

  •     mining hardware models with high power efficiency didn’t performed better in Q2, however they still outperformed other popular models in Q3;
  •     as the halving methods, profitability of popular types of Q2 has been jeopardized; for example Innosilicon’s T3-43T performed best in Q2, but its payback routine increased by more than 500 times in Q3, completely dropping its competitive advantage to new models;
  •     high power efficiency mining hardware is now a tendency;
  •     income from crypto mining is under great pressure and demands trimming costs accumulate;
  •     unlike SHA256 (a cryptographic hash algorithm) mining hardware, mining items made to mine altcoins aren't as popular, credited to low income, low prices of mined altcoins, high energy usage and limited processing power;
  •     a the greater part of mining hardware with the capacity of repaying purchase expenditures are made by Bitmain and Canaan, but there’s also MicroBT’s Whatsminer M20S;
  •     in comparison to static profitability shows, dynamic shows improve substantially in Q3;
  •     mining parts with higher power efficiency deal with fluctuations of electricity prices better;
  •     the average 3% increase of mining difficulty per adjusting period would be devastating for Q3 models - non-e could repay its cost within 700 times (given mining hardware’s average life of 1 . 5 years).
  •     Over fifty percent of earlier quarter’s popular mining hardware is drawn off racks or changed with up-to-date models.
  •     Miner should compare mixes of device processing power price and power intake of different mining hardware items before actually buying mining hardware.
  •     TokenInsight feels that mining difficulty will maintain steadily its uptrend within the next two quarters under the assumption of constant increase of BTC price. Previously this week, difficulty decreased by 0.74%, to 12.88T, after increasing 1.99% through the previous adjustment.

During writing (06:33 UTC), BTC trades at c. USD 7,574 and it is up by 2.3% per day, trimming its weekly deficits to 3.

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